Is your social media pulling its weight...
Do you need a bigger or better internet presence? Many potentially great companies could exceed their own expectations if they made only a few slight changes to their social media campaigns.

One of those changes could be in their use of photographs to gain higher rankings on search engines. This is a tactic that is often overlooked and yet is easily corrected. As a Darlington photographer I would like the opportunity to help you change that to benefit you and your business.

The obvious advantage of using professional photographers to produce your images is that it raises your profile above the masses and says that you are serious about what you are doing. Your photographs should have punch and drama that grab your readers attention. Be honest with yourself and ask if your images are really working for you.

The other advantage of constantly updating the photographs on your website and social media is that they contain a host of information that Google and other search engines look at when they are considering if you are worth promoting up the rankings or whether to drop you to the next page!
Whilst I am not an expert on SEO, necessity has required me to learn about certain elements of it and how photographs can have a positive impact on your Google ranking.

I would like the opportunity to help you gain greater exposure for your business by creating some photographs about you and your business that tell a story and draw your potential clients in.
In addition I will share with you my experiences and knowledge to help make your images work in tandem with internet search engines

To help Darlington businesses to raise their profile I am offering to shoot your profile picture, sometimes known as a headshot, that can be used on all your social media sites and website for just £30.
In addition I would like to work with you to produce a series of photographs that will help to grab your clients attention and explain what you are about . The fastest way to do that is through the power of great photography using a local Commercial Photographer.

This is a special offer to help promote your business throughout the month of March. To book your shoot call me on 07713 745466 or send me a message

The image/s will be supplied on a disc or by email and will be low res so that it is ideal for use on your social media profile or website immediately.